Sorry I’ve not been around. I kind of went and got myself grounded. Such a teenage thing to do, I know, and so embarassing because I’ve not been grounded in like 2 or 3 years. I did deserve it though – I was an awful horrible brat of a bitch to Jade Rachel and said some vile things. None of which I really meant, not at all – they all just came out in the heat of the moment.

We’ve sat and talked and everything and I know she knows I didn’t mean it. But she also says she knows why I said them and stuff. So we’re cool again. I’m mostly just embarassed.

I’m just getting my phone and internet and computer back again now. Oh how I missed them!

Why am I blogging?

I’ve tried to keep a blog going a few times before but I’ve always stopped after a couple of weeks. I think it’s because I’ve not really had a purpose behind starting. This time, I do. I read a lot and I love to talk about them. No-one in real life really cares so I don’t have anyone to talk to about the books I’m reading. So, I said to myself, why don’t I start bloging about the books?

And I go to the cinema regularly, at least once a week so why not post what I think of movies?
It makes sense to me.

I’ve also thought about goals from blogging, what I hope to get out of it.
Learn new things I want to share what I’m seeing in the world, and this will involve learning how to do so. And hopefully I’ll learn new things about books and movies so that I can keep sharing
Think clearer The process of putting my thoughts down on paper will help me learn to stop and think deeper, think more critically. I also hope to learn to reflect more on my life, my relationships and the world around me.
Write better Practise makes perfect, after all and along with the critical thinking will help me outside of blogging too.
Challenge myself It’s easy to start blogging, to have something to say to start with but coming up with new ideas will, linking again back to the other goals, will force me to keep learning and growing.
Meet new people All the bloggers I’ve come across so far are so friendly and I can’t wait to meet more new people and make friends online 🙂