My Month in Music – February 2016

Cassie wrote a post the other day about the music she’d listened to in February and how eclectic it was.

I thought it would be quite cool to look at what I listened to last month. I know my music taste isn’t particularly varied – I like pop music – and my top artists I listened to in February 2016 are:

    5 Seconds Of Summer
    Justin Bieber
    One Direction
    Meghan Trainor
    Shawn Mendes
    Shannon Saunders
    The Vamps
    Rita Ora
    Ariana Grande

See, like I said – I like pop music. It’s fun to listen to and easy to find. 5SOS, Justin and 1D are definitely my favourites at the moment, although I’m surprised that Miley Cyrus isn’t on the list because I love her!

My most played track was Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass

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What have you been listening to recently?

11 thoughts on “My Month in Music – February 2016

  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier today. ^^ Just thought I’d stop by. ^_^

    I don’t really listen to today’s music anymore, let alone the radio. I’m 99.5% old school so I just listen to my Pandora and Amazon Music for the stuff I haven’t heard in years. ^^ But I do like Meghan Trainor though. I have her entire album. Her style isn’t just nostalgic, but at the same time they’re quite refreshing to listen too, plus she’s got lyrics that appeal to everyone regardless of the upbringing. We don’t really hear music as much as hers as of late. 😦


  2. Hey, I don’t listen to pop music anymore. I’m geared towards the rock genre when I need a good song to listen to. As always, I’m listening to the singer named Meat Loaf. You should give him a listen.


  3. I only like one song from One Direction, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus. What Makes You Beautiful from One Direction, Never Say Never from Justin Bieber, and The Climb from Miley Cyrus. I should listen to their other songs.


  4. I should totally do this! Though I’d have to actually keep track, or I’d forget most likely. XD I myself mostly been listening to game and cartoon music.


  5. I think the only artist I listened to from your list is Ariana Grande. One Last Time is probably my favorite song from her! it’s pretty neat to see a variety of pop artists on your list. I miss the old Miley Cyrus (up until Wrecking Ball), though the only recent songs I’ve heard from her lately are some country-styled music. All About That Bass plays a lot on the radio XD.


  6. I’ve been listening to a lot of Sia, Within Temptation, Major Lazer’s new song, and, embarrassingly, the Frozen soundtrack. My mum loves All About that Bass. When I lived with my parents she’d sing it all the time. Ruined it for me haha!


  7. I like a lot of pop music as well. I do like the fact that singer/song writer music is also becoming much more mainstream and kind of sneaking into the pop genre a bit as well. 😀

    Once you have that ‘bass’ song stuck in your head it’s very hard to kick it. xD


  8. I’ll admit it. I enjoy my pop music. And I can listen to Taylor Swift forever.

    And I’m seriously loving Justin Bieber’s new songs right now, which is something I would never imagine myself saying if you had asked me a year ago. With the exception of that Boyfriend song from a couple of years ago, I’ve never liked any of his songs.


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