Most Gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess

I cannot play chess. It makes no sense to me. It doesn’t matter how many times I try and learn how to play the game, it just escapes me. It makes no sense. This piece can only do this and that piece can only do that. There’s all these strategies and a ridiculous amount of forward planning.

And how seriously people take it! Isn’t it supposed to be a game, supposed to be fun?

I can’t do it. I can’t play chess. Or, well, I can’t play chess well. Or remember the rules. I’m not destined to be some grandmaster. I’m probably never even going to ever win a game. All my pieces fell to the dark side. You’d think by now I’d have learned my lesson by how many times I’ve failed and given up trying.

I bet I won’t. I bet next time Devin challenges me to a game I’ll accept.
And lose.
And sulk.
And rail chess.

Which makes me wonder. Which is worse: doing something and sucking at it or never trying it in the first place?

5 thoughts on “Most Gods throw dice, but Fate plays chess

  1. I think it depends on what it is, because sometimes you can just be bad at something. Like, I know I have terrible hand eye coordination so anything requiring that I personally feel like there’s no point in me even trying. I will fail. I can play chess but I don’t enjoy it. Maybe try some other board games? There are a lot of fun fantasy ones out there, especially by a company called Flying Frog Productions.


  2. I never liked chess because it contained so many rules to move which piece where, but as a metaphor for life, it makes much more sense to me. Life is a chess board and often things don’t come along as best and as fast as we want, but it still comes.


  3. I’m not much of a chess player either, but I’m willing to learn when I have a chance XD. there are many other games in the world to play, and we’re not expected to be the best at everything. I think it’s worse to never try things in the first place because we’re filled with assumptions that are unproven.


  4. Chess makes no sense to me as well, that we could agree about. But it seems like it brings excitement to those who play it. I’m not sure. But I really think that me learning it would be years from now.


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